Best Evidence Medical and Health Professional Education

Example of ideas for a future BEME review

Proposals for future BEME reviews are always welcome. The process for submitting a review can be found at "Steps in the Review Process."

  1. The use of technology enhanced learning situated within the workplace (tablets, iPads, smartphones etc.): Student attitudes and efficiency of learning.
  2. Educational interventions on handover of care: Content, teaching methods and effectiveness
  3. What are the features of educational interventions that lead to translational patient outcomes?
  4. How does learner motivation impact performance on OSCEs?
  5. What is the role of instructor expertise and experience on the performance of learners during simulation scenarios?
  6. Cultural effects upon the performance of International Medical Graduates
  7. Innovative educational interventions; are they supported by theory or serendipity?
  8. What basic science foundation is needed for effective clinical reasoning and under what conditions do physicians use basic science knowledge?