Best Evidence Medical and Health Professional Education

Policy on publication

August 2015

BEME Review Protocols

Proposals to undertake a BEME systematic review in the format of a BEME protocol should be sent to BEME for review by the protocol review team. Once final approval is obtained protocols are uploaded in PDF format onto the website

BEME Review Reports

Following peer review and approval of the final systematic review report, authors should send their review report in Word format to BEME for uploading to the website. You may send one document, but it is also acceptable to group tables, figures and appendices into separate documents.

Authors should send a draft Spotlight to the BEME Administrator within four weeks of receiving notice that their review report has been approved as ready for publication. Spotlights are edited by the BEME Central Administration before final approval by the lead author. Examples of BEME Spotlights are on the BEME website and download the guidelines for your initial draft.

BEME systematic review reports are published in Medical Teacher and BEME Guides are available for purchase as a downloadable PDF with an ISBN, via the AMEE website. There is a link to this facility from the BEME website.

Following peer review and approval of the final systematic review report authors should upload the manuscript in Word format to Medical Teacher via Scholar One. The Medical Teacher office is aware that no peer review process is necessary at this stage and will email a final copy to the author/s for sign off.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the lead author to send and/or upload final approved papers. All final papers for the BEME website are stored on the BEME database which is linked to the BEME website.

BEME Spotlights

BEME Spotlights: proforma

Using the template below lead authors should complete and return to the BEME administrator.

BEME Spotlight template